As eyewitness memory of the Holocaust recedes in Europe, young people are especially vulnerable to dangerous ignorance and indifference about antisemitic attitudes that are still very much present in Europe. The project’s efforts are based in the five countries – Belgium, France, Greece, Hungary and the UK - but we reach a broader European audience in the pursuit of solutions to a pan-European problem.



What do we want?

Engage young people around the importance of fighting antisemitic speech and bolstering new media advocacy against hate speech.

Promote accurate, balanced and inclusive messages about Jews that counter misinformation.

Discuss a culture of respect and test out arguments against antisemitic stereotypes.


What do we do?

Media monitoring

We monitor traditional and new media to uncover antisemitic acts and speech by journalists and  public figures.

Media complaints

When we detect antisemitic content in the media, we expose and counter it using the most appropriate mechanisms - letters to the editor, articles and complaints to official regulatory bodies.

Satirical cartoons

Findings from the media monitoring will provide grist for cartoons and posters to counter antisemitic hate speech to expose false claims and lies.

Radio programmes

We bring together the views of both Jewish and non-Jewish residents to talk about the same topic.

Video production

Videos will debunk stereotypes and show how they can be harmful for all the communities.


We cooperate with theatre companies helping them perform in alternative spaces raising awareness of the danger of antisemitism.

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