Wednesday, 16 May 2018 12:09

Game of Trolls

“Sure, I shouldn’t be a bystander” you think to yourself when we ask you to respond to hate speech.

“But how do I do that?”


With the help of Facebook’s Create v Hate initiative and the agency Poke London, we’ve produced a campaign teaching people how to win in the Game of Trolls. 


Don't be abusive

It is easy to get carried away in our attempts to stop someone from spreading hate.

Don't stoop down to their level. You can be witty, interesting, and protective without being abusive.

Be a model for smart, respectful dialogue!



Engage in the conversations that are happening now and make sure you're not resurrecting an old thread full of hate.

Sometimes re-opening old conversations will bring more trouble than good!



Message, tag and share with public figures sympathetic to our cause!

Get friends or colleagues involved in a conversation that requires more voices.

Go to our Facebook page to see the results of this campaign! 


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