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A conservative magazine claims that mosques in France are “taking advantage” of the health crisis to “sneakily” play the call to prayer, calling it a “sound, physical, and symbolic occupation”. This is France’s media monitoring highlight for March.

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Alain Mondino, head of the far-right National Rally list in municipal elections in Paris suburbs, shared an antisemitic conspiracy theory video which claimed that the Coronavirus was "developed by the Jews" in order to "establish their supremacy". This is France’s media monitoring highlight for March.

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Agnès Cerighelli, conseillère municipale à Saint-Germain-en-Laye, a publié de nombreux tweets anti-Musulmans visant plusieurs candidats aux élections municipales en raison de leur origine maghrébine. Incitant à la discrimination à caractère racial, Cerighelli a soutenu que vouloir que Paris et Marseille soient dirigées par des maires maghrébines de confession musulmane était “trahir la France, son identité et son histoire”.  C’est l’analyse menée par la surveillance média internet en France du mois de février. 

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Agnès Cerighelli, local councillor in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, published a number of anti-Muslim tweets attacking some election candidates for their North African origins. Inciting racial and religious discrimination, Cerighelli stated that the desire for Paris and Marseille to have North African Muslim mayors is “betraying France, its identity and history”. This is France’s media monitoring highlight for February.

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Dans le cadre de son émission TV « Face à l’info », Éric Zemmour a exprimé, encore une fois,  des propos racistes extrêmement violents à l’encontre des migrants notamment d’origine musulmane. La chaine d’information qui diffuse l’émission, Cnews, a préféré diffuser les extraits racistes exprimés par Zemmour dans l’émission. En cela, elle est responsable, autant qu’Éric Zemmour, de la propagation de ce discours haineux.

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Talking on his own TV show Face à l'info, Eric Zemmour has, once more, expressed violent racist remarks against migrants and Muslims. The news channel that hosts the show, CNews, decided to include this racist content in the broadcast, and is therefore responsible, in addition to Zemmour, for spreading incitement to violence. This is France’s media monitoring highlight for January.

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Presented by the magazine Causeur as a “scoop”, the news story about the filmmaker’s three years in prison for attempted murder on religious motives was partially false. This is France’s media monitoring highlight for December.

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Thursday, 12 December 2019 13:32

12 Worst Trolls of the Year

2019 unfortunately took off where the last year left us, with many examples of individuals and entire media outlets spreading anti-religious and racist views. We’ve created a countdown of some of the worst perpetrators of the year: 


12 2

In number 12, we have the Belgium paper Doorbraak who published an article recounting a speech Wim de Wit made at an IJzerwake event in which he claimed “In principle, freedom of expression still applies, except when it comes to Muslims, Negroes, holibi’s [homosexual, lesbian and bisexual individuals], Transgender people, transvestites, Gypsies, feminists and certain politicians.”. Read our article where we criticise Doorbraak for their lack of journalistic criticism of the speech.



In 11th place, we have the French TV Channel LCI, which broadcast an episode of ’24 Pujadas’ where they invited Robert Ménard  (known for his racist, anti-migrant and anti-Muslim stance) along with Guillaume Tabard (editor-in-chief of Le Figaro) onto the show, where Tabard said ‘We had lived through deadly Islamist terrorism in France, so if we want to keep score, we are not yet even’. Read our article on why LCI’s decision to include these guests and the statement is insensitive and wrong.




In 10th place, is the Hungarian public service website Hirado for reporting a government press conference on Brussels’ distribution of migrant cards. Despite the government spokesman suggesting that the recipients of this financial assistance were ‘anonymous’, and that there might be some ISIS members involved, Hirado decided not to critically report on this discriminatory rhetoric, thus allowing the Islamophobic statements to appear factual. 



 9 1

Coming in at number 9 is the Belgium party Vlaams Belang for their Islamophobic rhetoric in November. When an asylum centre in the city of Bilzen was torched down, many assumed it was supporters of Vlaams Belang due to their protests on the site a few days prior. Their party leader was outraged by the assumptions but used his speech to spread anti-Islam views and that Islamisation of the country would be supported by his opponents.




Greek lifestyle magazine ‘Athens’ is in at number 8, for publishing an article where the author suggests that ‘Jewish banks’ are partially a cause of the Greek debt. This article displays blatant antisemitism, promoting dangerous antisemitic theories and furthering well-established conspiracy theories.




In 7th place, is the French online newspaper Atlantico, for an article published about the Decathlon – Hijab controversy, where the sports chain created a ‘running’ hijab, which caused a backlash on social media by people claiming it was an example of the ‘Islamisation’ of France. The article’s headline suggested the hijab was a ‘victory for the Muslim Brotherhood’, thus spreading anti-Muslim sentiment.




In at number 6 is PI News, a far-right German news website, which discusses the latest birth rate figures, and suggests that the rise in foreign-born babies reflected the ‘Islamisation’ of Germany and Europe. It also states the number of ‘true’ Germans is lower than what the figures reveal. Using these far-right tropes, the article spreads strong anti-Islam ideas, and encourages its readers to agree with them about the scale of the ‘problem’. 




Number 5 is another entry from Hirado, along with its sister public broadcaster MTI, and it is due to their spreading of fear-mongering lies on refugees, stating in an article that ‘40,000 migrants are about to set off from Turkey and Greece towards Central Europe, to be joined along the way by many more’, followed by multiple similar stories on the subject.




In number 4, is the Belgium group Vismooil’n VZW for their extremely antisemitic float which displayed caricatured orthodox Jews with several antisemitic features, including long ugly noses, bags full of cash and coins and rats in their dresses, while attending the annual Carnival parade in the Belgian city of Aalst. TV broadcasters and city officials barely made any comments on its antisemitic nature.




In 3rd place, is the British far-right news site Politicalite. The article reads like a conspiracy theory and uses many of the well-known far-right tropes such as the ‘Great Replacement’ theory. It is written by Bethany Helmsley, who also writes for a blog called ‘Spotting The Serpent’s Tail’ where they recently published a post calling for ‘for the “cleansing” of those who make Britain multicultural.’ 




German paper Der Spiegel just misses out on top spot, settling for second place. The article suggests it was an ‘investigative piece’, but it used well-known anti-Semitic tropes to push an anti-Jewish narrative, specifically in reference to two lobby groups which they suggested had influenced German politicians. 





And our troll of the year goes to – Rod Liddle and the Spectator. In November, columnist Rod Liddle had an article published in the right-wing paper, suggesting that ‘Muslims should be prevented from voting in the next general election’ causing outrage on social media for its clear Islamophobic comments. Following the backlash, Riddle defended himself by saying that his suggestions were ‘patently a joke’, despite the multiple examples of Islamophobia in his work prior to this.



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An article in the magazine Valeurs Actuelles attacks the Jewish French historian Benjamin Stora, using age-old antisemitic tropes of the greedy and ambitious Court Jew. This is France’s media monitoring highlight for November.

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Julien Odoul, far-right politician of Marine Le Pen’s National Rally (former National Front), posted a video on Twitter of him requesting a Muslim mother at a regional parliament to remove her headscarf. This is France’s media monitoring highlight for October.

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