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CST reportThis report, published by the Community Service Trust (CST) in collaboration with the Antisemitism Policy Trust, looks at recent trends in internet searches in regards to attitudes towards Jewish people and their community. CST is a UK charity that advises and represents the Jewish community on matters of antisemitism, terrorism, extremism and security. 

The report shares some alarming insights; for example: "an average of 170,000 Google searches with antisemitic content are made per year in the United Kingdom. Approximately 10 per cent of these searches involve violent language or intentions." The study also found a direct correlation between what is reported in the media on the Jewish community, and what people search online: "there was a 79 per cent rise in antisemitic Google searches in April 2018, most of which occurred on the day after Jewish community representatives met Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn."

The report also sheds light on the positive effects that have taken place since Google changed it auto-complete function in relation to searches about Jewish people: "when Google removed “Are Jews evil?” from its auto-complete function in December 2016, ten per cent fewer people searched for “Are Jews evil?” than had done so in the previous year."

If you want to read the CST report you can click here, or you can scroll down to the bottom of this page and download the handbook as a pdf file.

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