Wednesday, 02 January 2019 10:27

Top Trolls of 2018

We've spent 2018 monitoring European media for anti-religeous hate speech. Here are 5 highlights we've picked from the year! 

These are the 5 cases of anti-religeous hatered we've found to be the most interesting ones in the previous year. 


In nr. 5, we have one of our ousted trolls: Belgian right-wing youth movement "Schild en Vrienden". Read the Ousted Troll article to remind yourself of the case.



In number 4, we have the Greek newspaper Eleftheri Ora.

While the newspaper often publishes Islamophobic and antisemitic article, they outdid themselves when they decided to claim a church is being knocked down to make space for a mosque. Read the details in our complaint!



Our number 3 is have a case from France. Jérôme Bourbon got kicked off of Twitter for denying the Holocaust. Read the full description of the complaint!



In second place, we have Boris Johnson and his derogatory comments directed at Muslim women that shouldn't have been published in the first place. 



And the winner of our "No seriously, why are you being such a hateful troll?" 2018 award: the Hungarian news website Origo. The way they reported on migration in the period leading up to the general election in April 2018 was unbelievable. Read the full article with explanations.



To a more accountable and a less hateful 2019!



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