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The pro-government media outlet Origo fuels fears about a spike of coronavirus cases in Britain during Ramadan. Their claims have no evidence behind them and are anchored in anti-Muslim bigotry. This is Hungary’s media monitoring highlight for April.

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Wednesday, 08 April 2020 15:12


The current climate of fear and anxiety surrounding the coronavirus pandemic is acting as fertile ground for the dissemination of conspiracy theories and discriminatory discourses. Since the outbreak in Wuhan, Chinese people, and people of East Asian appearance more broadly, have been attacked and abused because they were seen as carriers of the virus. But as the infections spread across the world, specific religious and ethnic groups have also been targeted. These attacks range from shaming Muslims for allegedly failing to adhere to lockdown measures, to global conspiracies about Jewish people, drawing on historical prejudices and racist perceptions. 

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Greek newspaper Kathimerini shared a cartoon which implied that Muslims are secretly carrying the coronavirus, spreading fear and hate. This is Greece’s media monitoring highlight for March.

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