Monday, 20 January 2020 11:31

Causeur and Ladj Ly - December MMH

Causeur, France's far-right magazine reported baseless false information about director Ladj Ly’s judicial past, accusing him of wanting to enforce the Sharia law. Journalism should be held to a higher standard than this, where hate-speech has no place.
When an article is published titled 'Pakistanis slaughter each other on the road... The "meat-mincers" being allowed to stay in the country are getting trained (to kill)' - it's probably time to investigate the story further... The Greek platform published this story on 17th December 2019, which focuses on a specific instance of violence between two Pakistani individuals. It however, failed to give the story any proper context, and instead used this incident to generalise about all Pakistanis living in Greece.
Saint Martin's day celebration in Germany is a traditional German festival, where children walk through town with colourful lanterns, singing songs about the saint. According to local news in the town of Bonn, a Muslim mother wearing a headscarf was watching the festival line with her children when the performer of the Saint Martin character reportedly stated emphatically to her that Saint Martin’s day is a Christian tradition. Later, the mother’s sister-in-law took to Facebook to state how the comment made the mother feel unwelcome and excluded. Both Junge Freiheit and Compact newspapers insinuated in their reporting that the Muslim women were overly sensitive, and then ironically raised doubts that “this neutrality” will also lead to a “de-Islamising of the…
On November 10th, a building which was set to serve as an asylum center was set on fire in the Belgian city of #Bilzen. A few days before, a few protestors from the political party #VlaamsBelang were photographed in-front of the building, leading commentators to suggest that they were behind the fire. A week later, Tom Van Grieken, chairman of Vlaams Belang, spoke at a party event, to respond to the accusations...
Monday, 20 January 2020 11:01

Julien Odoul and 'Laïcité' - November MMH

On the 11th October, far-right politician Julien Odoul demanded a Muslim mother visting the regional French assembly of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté remove her headscarf or leave the building, citing a breach of 'laïcité', or secularism. She was accompanying her son on a school trip, and had to comfort him as he cried. The education minister, Jean-Michel Blanquer stated on national TV later, that "the law does not prohibit veiled women from accompanying children, but we do not wish to encourage the phenomenon". In the past few years, the Muslim headscarf has been central to anti-Muslim hatred. Not only does secularism have a higher impact on the Muslim community, but it has also been manipulated by the far-right to promote anti-Muslim racism.
Monday, 20 January 2020 10:50

Origo vs Khan - October MMH

Origo is a Hungarian pro government news site, and on the 24th October published an article which blamed London Mayor Sadiq Khan for the rising knife crime in the city and referred to him being a ‘Muslim’ in the title. While knife crime had risen to a record high in England and Wales, there was little overall change in the number of total offences involving a knife or sharp instrument in London in the last year (Office of National Statistics). Even if these statistics showed different results, there is no relation between Sadiq Khan being the son of Pakistan-born parents and his performance as a mayor, let alone the way he addresses knife crime in London.
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