Thursday, 04 August 2016 10:50

Cartoon: Exhumation

A cartoon by Bela Weisz for Get the Trolls Out!
A cartoon by Bela Weisz for Get the Trolls Out!
Wednesday, 13 July 2016 12:51

Cartoon: Elie Wiesel

A cartoon by Bela Weisz for Get the Trolls Out! The Hungarian government has missed to express their condolences for the death of Elie Wiesel, writer and Holocaust survivor passed away on 2 July 2016 in New York. In 1944, when he was 15, Wiesel was deported from his town in Transylvania to Auschwitz and then do Buchenwald.  In 2012, the Nobel Prize winner Wiesel renounced the Hungarian ‘Grand Cross’ state award he received in 2004 in protest against what he said was a “whitewashing” of the role of former Hungarian governments in the deportation of Jews during World War Two.
Thursday, 30 June 2016 15:57

Cartoon: Permitted Racism

A cartoon by Polyp for Get the Trolls Out! Moral outrage is no excuse for the collective blame of racism. Challenge those who think it's ever acceptable, whoever their target might be- antisemitism included! Sometimes it seems that people think it is permitted to make racist comments about a specific incident, group or within a specific context. Obviously that is not the case: no exceptions should be made. Ever.
Cartoon by Bela Weisz for Get the Trolls Out The man standing is talking to the editors of Hungarian media outlets that have been spreading conspiracy theories about George Soros, Hungarian-American business magnate, investor and philanthropist of Jewish descent.  The funny but untranslatable bit is that, in Hungarian language, Soros means also "turn". So, when the man says “it is your turn (Soros) Gyuri” – Gyuri being the fictional name given to the editor of the public television in this cartoon.  Cartoonist Bela Weisz drew this cartoon for Get the Trolls Out to expose and ridicule the constant anti-Soros propaganda in Hungarian media. When are attacks against Soros used to hide antisemitic sentiments? Read more here.
Wednesday, 18 May 2016 11:10


Cartoon by Béla Weisz for Get the Trolls Out On many occasions over the last few years, issues surrounding the placement, displacement or removal of statues and monuments in public places have found themselves on Hungary’s political agenda: Occupation Monument (WW2) on Freedom Square in Budapest Refurbishing of Kossuth Square in Budapest Hóman statue (removed) Donáth monument project (failed) In an article for Get the Trolls Out, Dóra Ónody-Molnár explains the controversy around them and who is benefitting from it.    
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