Wednesday, 11 November 2015 12:16

Hungarian Academy of Arts

Hungarian cartoonist Gábor Pápai reacted to an antisemitic incident at the Hungarian Academy of Arts, where civil rights activist Márton Gulyás protested against a new bill and was removed from the stage.


Academy incident

Cartoon by Gábor Pápai for Get The Trolls Out!

Civil rights activist Márton Gulyás has been insulted with antisemitic offences during his talk at the General Assembly meeting of the Hungarian Academy of Arts earlier in November where he accused of opaqueness a new bill proposed by the Academy.

At the end of the meeting, Márton Gulyás protested against some recent operations of the Academy and against a bill that would introduce a new structure of art financing. The activist claimed that the proposed act is not transparent, leads to an overcentralized system of art financing and that its submission has not been preceded by public or professional consultations.

Gulyás was stopped speaking by the organisers who argued that he is not a member of the Academy. Two security guards forced him to leave the room. During the scrap Gulyás fell on the floor and amid yelling and whistling by members of the Academy. One of them shouted at him: "get out of here you scumbag, paid people, you dirty Jewish gang”. At the same time, the famous sopran singer Éva Marton - also member of the Academy - started to sing loudly in order to distract the audience.

The incident was recorded on video and published on YouTube and mainstream media reported about the incident.


Hungarian Cartoonist Gábor Pápai reacted to this incident. The text of the song in the cartoon, "Zsi-dó", means "Jew-ish".



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