Thursday, 17 December 2015 13:46

Cartoon: conspiracy theories on Paris attacks

Hungarian mayor blames Jews for Paris terror attacks? Our cartoonists react!

cartoon 2 mayor EN

Cartoon by Marabu for Get the Trolls Out, published in Vasárnapi Hírek

Gábor Huszár, the mayor of Szentgotthárd, Hungarian town at the border with Austria, was reported saying: 

“Everyone should just take my word for it. What happened in Paris is clear evidence that certain business circles, dare I say business circles which are likely backed by the Jewish state, are trying to pit Christian Europe against the Islamic State.” 

The mayor said this during a hearing in the municipality committee in relation to the plans of the Hungarian government to expand the nearby refugee camp. 

This antisemitic statement caused indignation in political circles and in the media. The mayor eventually apologized for his “unfortunate expressions”, but what is worrying is that this is not an isolated case. The public discourse in Hungary has become increasingly open to conspiracy theories

The cartoon, drawn by Marabu for Get the Trolls Out, was published in the weekly Vasárnapi Hírek on the 5th of December. Click here to see the original cartoon in Hungarian language.  

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