Wednesday, 08 June 2016 12:24

Cartoon: Editorial Meeting (Against George Soros)

Ki a Soros english 2

Cartoon by Bela Weisz for Get the Trolls Out

The man standing is talking to the editors of Hungarian media outlets that have been spreading conspiracy theories about George Soros, Hungarian-American business magnate, investor and philanthropist of Jewish descent. 

The funny but untranslatable bit is that, in Hungarian language, Soros means also "turn". So, when the man says “it is your turn (Soros) Gyuri” – Gyuri being the fictional name given to the editor of the public television in this cartoon. 

Cartoonist Bela Weisz drew this cartoon for Get the Trolls Out to expose and ridicule the constant anti-Soros propaganda in Hungarian media.

When are attacks against Soros used to hide antisemitic sentiments? Read more here.

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