Our partner organisation Karpos wrote to Newsbomb.gr in Greece, complaining about a recent article on the platform which was based on misinformation and pushed far-right tropes. 
Our partner organisation 'Karpos' wrote to Star Channel in Greece, complaining about the 'Leaders' show on March 9th, entitled 'Islam at Our Borders.'
Complaint letter to Metro.co.uk for an article whose headline suggests Ramadan celebrations would cause further Covid-19 transmissions, despite the article's body listing examples of communities adapting to social distancing.
Several Get The Trolls Out! partners submitted a joint complaint letter to the city of Aalst, in Belgium. The complaint was regarding the annual Carnival parade which took place in February this year, which heavily featured antisemitic and racists elements.
Get The Trolls Out! Greek partner Karpos has directly complained to Kathimerini, a leading Greek newspaper for publishing two separate pieces with anti-Muslim content without allowing any space for discussion.  
Get The Trolls Out! Belgian partner ENORB has directly complained to L’Echo, a French-language Belgian business newspaper for a piece published on January 5th, 2020. The article reported on the reaction by Muslim communities in Quebec to Bill 21, a law passed in June 2019. 
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