Prompted by a complaint by the European Network On Religious Belief, the Belgian news site changed a photo used in an article about people’s attitudes towards Muslim head coverings.
Speaking at the annual event of IJzerwake, an organisation uniting radical Flemish nationalists, chairman Wim de Wit delivered a violent anti-Muslim, homophobic, racist, sexist, and antiziganist speech. EUJS, Get The Trolls Out! partner in Belgium, sent a complaint letter to Wim de Wit to express their concern about his words and to highlight the inconsistency between his anti-democratic statements and the Flemish democratic values.
GTTO partner Symbiosis – School of Political Studies of the Council of Europe has filed a report on YouTube requesting the definitive ban of the Konstantinos Plevris’ account for its antisemitic content. 
In the past few months, the two Greek news sites have shared open letters by the bishop where he attacks Muslims for the opening of a mosque in Athens. Symbiosis, GTTO partner in Greece, filed two complaints to news media outlets Vima Orthodoxias and Proto Thema for giving a platform to anti-Muslim statements by Metropolitan Amvrosios of Kalavryta, a fiery conservative Greek Orthodox bishop.
An Amazon banner promoting Tommy Robinson’s book is no longer on TR News home page after the Media Diversity Institute filed a complaint to Amazon. MDI sent an official letter of complaint to Amazon asking the online shopping giant “to stop associating its name with the racist statements of Tommy Robinson”.
An article spreading harmful generalisations about Salafism in Belgium and the Netherlands has been published by the Belgian news outlet  The Get the Trolls Out! partner in Belgium, European Network on Religion and Belief, has submitted a complaint to requesting significant edits to the article.
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