Tuesday, 12 March 2019 15:10
Reverso is a free online French-English dictionary that claims to help its users gain a native-like understanding of these languages. To do this, Reverso provides examples of contextual sentence-use for each word in question. Shockingly, the International League Against Racism and Antisemitism (LICRA), GTTO partner in France, found that Reverso would often include violently Antisemitic examples...
Friday, 08 March 2019 12:57
Following a campaign of vitriol and threats, Decathlon (a multinational sportswear retailer) announced their decision to remove running hijabs from their stores and website in France. The European Forum of Muslim Women (EFOMW), GTTO-partner in France, published an open letter denouncing social media and conventional publications for stigmatising Muslim women through sensationalist and hysterical coverage of the headscarf.
Thursday, 28 February 2019 12:34
In one entire year, IPSO received 8000 discrimination complaints - but upheld only one. In a time of increasing antisemitism, Islamophobia and overall racist and discriminatory acts across the United Kingdom, Europe and around the world, we find this lack of oversight over this kind of reporting to be both troubling, and telling. Today, Media Diversity Institute and Hacked Off are calling on the Independent Press Standards Organisation to end this #RacismInThePress, and start taking complaints of racism and discrimination more seriously. Please circulate their letter using the hashtag #RacismInThePress. You can read the full open letter on the Media Diversified's website, and you can sign the petition here! Update from MDI: MDI has received more than one hundred signatures from…
Thursday, 31 January 2019 12:32
In December 2018, the centrist francophone Belgian daily La Libre Belgique and its sister publication DH published a video from the so-called “March Against Marrakech” on their websites. This video features extreme-right protesters shouting anti-Muslim hate and threatening violence. Disturbingly, no editorial explanation contextualising the video and the decision to publish it was present alongside the footage itself. 
Thursday, 27 December 2018 13:06
  On 17th December, Francophone Belgian website 7sur7 reported that Toblerone chocolate received its halal certification in April 2018. The article’s sensationalist title – “What you probably did not know about Toblerone” – implies that the owner of the brand, the US food group Mondelez, is involved in a secret conspiracy to please Muslim buyers to the detriment of others. Although Toblerone’s recipe had not actually changed, the article maintains this accusatory tone by using words that imply conspiracy, like “in all discretion” and “did not want to reveal”.
Tuesday, 11 December 2018 11:24
The front cover of the latest issue of Paris Match, a leading news and entertainment weekly, used a photo of Hervé Lalin, known as “Hervé Ryssen”, to represent the gilets jaunes protests sweeping across France. A self-described ‘racist’ and ‘anti-Semite’, Ryssens is a convicted criminal and member of National Republican Movement – an extreme-right party that split from Marine Le Pen’s National Front in 1999. Shockingly, Paris Match does not identify him as such. 
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