A flagrantly anti-Muslim article has appeared in L’Echo, a French-language Belgian business newspaper, reporting about the reaction of Muslim communities in Quebec to Bill 21, a law that was passed in June 2019. 
After Laurence Fox's outrageous comments on Question Time, he has since declared that he thinks it is 'institutionally racist’ and 'forced diversity' to include Sikh soldiers in a First World War Film. Our colleagues at TellMama responded immediately with the following 'history lesson':   Here is our video response:
After the second complaint filed by GTTO partner ENORB in a couple of months, Belgian news site DH.be has retracted an inappropiate cover image in an article.  In October 2019, ENORB wrote to the editor of DH.be on the subject of an article using an image of a woman in a niqab to illustrate 'hostility of Belgian residents to the wearing of head coverings'. The image was removed and replaced by a woman wearing a hijab - a much more common and representative item of clothing worn by Muslim women.  In December, the same website published an article titled: 'Wearing the veil prohibited in two schools in Antwerp' also used a niqab as their display image. ENORB contacted DH.be again saying…
GTTO partner MDI (Media Diversity Institute) has filed several complaints against a far-right blog for inciting violence and hate. The blog, called Spotting The Serpent’s Tale, published a post on the 13th of October titled: “Diversity: strength or weakness? Brexit as a case-study.” In the piece, she calls for the “cleansing” of those who make Britain multicultural.
An article by the columnist Rod Liddle suggesting that Muslims should be prevented from voting in the next general election has caused widespread criticism for its Islamophobic statements. The Media Diversity Insitute published an article highlighting how Rod Liddle’s racist statements are far from being isolated, and Get the Trolls Out! joined the Stop Funding Hate campaign, by putting pressure on companies to stop advertising on media outlets that make profit out of hateful articles.
ENORB, GTTO partner in Belgium, has filed a complaint to the TV channel RTBF for unprofessional conduct. A news bulletin clip and a related article drew attention to the religion of the attacker who stabbed and killed four police officers at Paris’ police headquarters on 3 October 2019 but failed to explain why this was relevant to the story.
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