Interviewed on the public service media's news channel M1 to comment on the Hanau shooting, a so-called “security expert” close to Orban’s government said that the violence by the far-right terrorist Tobias Rathjen was “a form of self-defence” and “a rational answer to immigration”. This is Hungary’s media monitoring highlight for February.
Monday, 03 February 2020 16:07


From an article on the Flemish De Standaard normalising anti-Muslim rhetoric to the French commentator Zemmour saying that he does not care if children die crossing the Mediterranean sea, these January highlights are an overview of the most significant results of our monitoring of traditional and new media in Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, and the United Kingdom.
Talking on his own TV show Face à l'info, Eric Zemmour has, once more, expressed violent racist remarks against migrants and Muslims. The news channel that hosts the show, CNews, decided to include this racist content in the broadcast, and is therefore responsible, in addition to Zemmour, for spreading incitement to violence. This is France’s media monitoring highlight for January.
On national TV, Zsolt Bayer, programme anchor and founding member of Fidesz, shows a video of a bullying incident in Sweden and wonders why “the society would not demand the immediate cleansing of these black animals”. This is Hungary’s media monitoring highlight for January.
Talking to James Delingpole on his podcast, actor Laurence Fox comments on the recently released film ‘1917’, making disrespectful and incorrect claims about Sikh soldiers during World War I. This is the UK’s media monitoring highlight for January.
In an article introducing the new fraction leader for Vlaams Belang, newspaper De Standaard published inflammatory anti-Muslim comments without any context or critical stance. This is Belgium’s media monitoring highlight for January.
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