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France – Magazine director invites students not to believe school books on the Holocaust

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France holocaust denialDate of publication: 17 May 2018

Source: Twitter

Author: Jérôme Bourbon, the director of the French far-right magazine "Rivarol" 

Link:  https://goo.gl/Zt2RU3 

Tweet: “School friends, if, during your classes,  they brainwash you about the Holocaust, tell them about the Palestinian blood, about the massacre of unarmed civilians. Do not let anyone accept this, please react, revolt, do not be Judeo-submissive" 

Description of the antisemitic content: In this tweet, Bourbon is denying the overwhelming body of evidence about the genocide of six million Jews during World War 2. He also claims that everything taught in schools in relation to fascism and the Second World War is a lie. In fact, Bourbon blames Jews (“don’t be submissive to Jews”) for making society believe the events of World War II, and gives credit to youtubers and bloggers who may have no knowledge of history.  

Myth Debunked:  Denying or downplaying the Holocaust is a form of antisemitism. It is denying facts based on historical evidence. This is disinformation aimed at spreading hatred against Jews. Condemning Israeli violence against Palestinian protesters in Gaza should be done without indiscriminately targeting Jews worldwide and by using antisemitic language and imagery. The responsibility for action taken by the Israeli government or the Israeli army cannot be placed on Jews as a people. Bourbon’s Twitter account is not available anymore in France, after LICRA requested it is closed for inciting hatred.

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