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Germany – Philosopher claims “suicidal tendencies” endemic to Islam will destroy Europe

May media monitoring highlight for the Germany. The author compares the “segregated societies” that “refuse integration and acculturation” and obey the Koran, to the “achievements of the European culture of knowledge”. 

This article is part of the Media Monitoring Highlights of May, a monthly overview of the most significant results of our monitoring of traditional and new media in Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, and the United Kingdom.

Germany The EuropeanDate of publication: 9 May 2018

Media outlet: The European

About the source: The European defines itself as “the debate magazine”. It features opinion articles, columns and interviews. It has English and German language versions.

Author: Rudolf Bradner, philosopher


Headline: The Muslim Paradox

Description of the anti-Muslim content:  The author claims that Islam, with its “suicidal tendencies”, has destroyed Muslim societies. Moreover, migrants coming to Europe bring those religious identities and traditions from the countries they are fleeing and it is exactly those traditions that will destroy Europe as well. For him, this is the Muslim paradox. The author compares the “segregated societies” that “refuse integration and acculturation” and obey the Koran, to the “achievements of the European culture of knowledge”. He predicts that Sharia law will dominate Europe, thus collapsing “the entire philosophical-scientific culture of knowledge - the basis of Europe's technological and economic supremacy and its wealth.” He claims that no single Muslim country has a culture of scientific knowledge and technological productivity because of Muslims’ “mental attitude”. The consequences of the approaching “Islamisation of Europe” are “impoverishment, dissolution of all legal relationships and tribal devastation of European countries”.

Myth Debunked:  Beyond the stereotypical Islamophobic assumptions that Muslim people constitute a monolithic and homogenous block where everyone has the same thoughts and cultural tradition, wherever in the world they live, this article is a despicable display of colonialist superiority. That same “culture of knowledge” and science that, to the author, makes Europe so glorious, did not prevent European countries committing crimes against humanity. In fact as part of its civilising mission, European empires have used the guise of bringing progress and modernity to commit atrocities in their colonies. 

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