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Hungary – Yannopoulos’s anti-Muslim rants without free media

May media monitoring highlight for Hungary

Hungary Yannopoulos

Date of publication: 26 May 2018

Media outlet: M1 channel

About the source: M1 is a channel of the nationwide public television broadcasting organization Magyar Televízió. It is a pro-governmental media outlet. 

Link: https://goo.gl/i2U2te 

Headline: “Milo Yiannopoulos: Islam is the greatest threat to civilization”


Description of the anti-Muslim content: Milo Yannopoulos, British alt-right provocateur and former senior editor at Breitbart News, delivered a speech at the “Risks and Opportunities in the 21st Century” event in Budapest 25 May, 2018. He was invited by the Public Foundation for the Research of Central and East European History and Society, a group funded by the Hungarian government. Yannopoulos’s opening sentence was “The devil is real. And he lies, his name is George Soros.” On this interview for M1 channel, he said it’s time to end political correctness towards Muslims and that European values and Islam are not compatible.

Myth Debunked:  Milo Yannopoulos was invited to deliver a speech by a Foundation which is very close to the government. Only government propaganda media outlets were invited to the event, so no  reporters were present to ask tough questions and contradict racist speakers such as Yannopoulus. Propaganda media, such as M1, gave a voice to Yannopoulus’ anti-Muslim rants, in line with the government agenda.  

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