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Greece – Populist Website Publishes Opinion Piece Dehumanising Muslims and Migrants

Online Greek populist news website Amazonios.net published an opinion piece filled with anti-Muslim and xenophobic language, making degrading and dehumanising unfounded claims. This is Greece’s media monitoring highlight for December.

This article is part of the Media Monitoring Highlights of December, a monthly overview of the most significant results of our monitoring of traditional and new media in Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, and the United Kingdom.

article print screenDate of publication: 17 December 2019

Media outlet: Amazonios.net, an online Greek populist news website 

Link: https://bit.ly/2tkX5KE 

Headline: "Pakistanis slaughter each other on the road... The "meat-mincers" being allowed to stay in the country are getting trained (to kill)"

Description of the anti-Muslim and xenophobic content: This opinion piece appeared on the Amazonios.net platform, without any named author. The piece seems to refer to a specific instance of violence between two Pakistani individuals; however, nowhere in the piece does the author disclose where this incident happened, when and why. It is also unclear whether the accompanying photo is of the incident. Instead, the author decides to focus on people of Pakistani origin in Greece, claiming that they are “Muslim sub-humans” and “illegal migrants.” The author states: "The country is in immediate danger of the absolute invasion of Muslim sub-humans as the current Greek-speaking Mitsotakis' government deliberately imports illegal migrants into our society", furthering: “They [Pakistani’s in Greece] are getting prepared to attack and slaughter Greek citizens as soon as they get a general order to do so". 

Myth debunked: There are many problematic elements to this article. Firstly, the language used is extremely dehumanising and inflammatory. Referring to fellow human beings as ‘sub-humans’ has been a technique used in the past in order to belittle and criminalise people belonging to certain groups, and can lead to dangerous consequences. Secondly, the author continually links Pakistan and Islam, claiming that Pakistanis, and therefore Muslims, are violent and dangerous. Yes, the state religion in Pakistan is Islam; however, ethnicity and religion are two different things and should not be assumed without reason or proof. The supposed case this article is based on is largely unclear, as the reader is given little to no detail about what happened, other than that a violent instance occurred between two Pakistani individuals. To go from this vague case to claiming that “Pakistani slaughter each other on the road” and referring to them as “meat-mincers” is a gross generalisation. Claims about organised attacks against Greek citizens by Pakistanis in Greece read like a conspiracy theory; however, they would also be successful in alarming someone and causing them to be wary of Pakistanis, and Muslims in Greece. Pieces like this on populist platforms like Amazonios.net can easily influence someone into developing hateful behaviour towards certain groups, and thus their influence must be taken with extreme seriousness. 

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