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GERMANY – PI-News uses demographic conspiracies to fuel fears against Muslims

In a fear-mongering and violently racist article, PI news describes Muslims in Germany as a demographic threat that should be stopped and reversed. This is Germany’s media monitoring highlight for December.

This article is part of the Media Monitoring Highlights of December, a monthly overview of the most significant results of our monitoring of traditional and new media in Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, and the United Kingdom.

Germany DecemberDate of publication: 5 December 2019

Media outlet: PI-News (“Politically Incorrect”) is a far-right news website that defines itself as “Against the Mainstream, Pro-American, Pro-Israel, Against the Islamisation of Europe, For Fundamental Laws and Human Rights”

Link: http://bit.ly/PI2030

Headline: “Germany 2030: 20 Million Muslims?”

Description and debunking of the anti-Muslim content: This is a fear-mongering article about the (alleged) rising numbers of the Muslim population in Germany, and how this trend is a threat to non-Muslim Germans. It describes the immigration of Muslims to Western Europe as a danger, using racist words such as “intruders,”, “invasion,” or “birth jihad.” The article begins with the sensationalist sentence: “The number of Mohammedans in Germany doubles every ten years.”. It claims that there are currently about 10 million Muslims living in Germany and that there will be roughly 20 million in 2030. According to the author, this increase is due to the “illegal invasion of 250,000 men per year, who break in freely across our national borders (one intruder every two minutes);”, “250,000 people per year via the so-called ‘family reunification’,”, and “an additional 120,000 Muslims [who] are born each year in Germany via birth jihad, i.e. the birth rate of Mohammedans already living in Germany, which is estimated at around 1.2 percent, and are automatically declared ‘Germans’.” While admitting that these are just estimations, the author says he did not take official statistics into account because “the Federal Government regards Islamisation as a state secret and therefore hides official figures or falsifies them statistically,” Furthermore, the article blames “Turkish and Arabic ‘trafficking groups’” (“Schlepperkonzerne”) for imposing immigration on Germany thanks to their “professional organisation” and “increasing funds to expand their business.” The article continues: “around 250,000 predominantly African Muslims will be flown directly to Germany via state settlement projects each year - the two to three flights a day required for this should be politically easy to implement.” Lastly, the author says: “Life and survival will become increasingly difficult for Christians and atheists in an increasingly Islamic country, and conversion promises at least some minimal physical protection, especially for women.” But, the author adds, “people who watched the invasion of 2015 without action will witness even more things without doing anything.”

Myth Debunked: This article is extremely racist and discriminatory against Muslim people and migrants. It uses ethnic slurs and abusive expressions; the language used is aggressive and dangerous. It describes Muslims solely as a threat whose goal is to invade and replace non-Muslim citizens. The author refers to new-born babies from Muslim parents as “birth jihad”, i.e. a concerted, planned effort to “Islamise” Europe through a ‘demographic war’. The article further implies that Muslim children born in Germany are not – and, by implication, cannot – be German citizens, affirming that if the parents are Muslim (regardless of the citizenship they have), their children are not truly German. The whole article is made up of aggravating claims based on racist speculations that contradict themselves. The author tries to provide figures to support the claim that the Muslim population is growing at around 600.000 per year. However, what we read is an assortment of conjectures and ludicrous allegations about demography, immigration, and multiculturalism. The author uses bizarre demographic conspiracy theories about the German Federal Government hiding the number of Muslims living in Germany, but also about politicians being deliberately responsible of the so-called “Muslim invasion” to push the “ethnic replacement of Western Europe forward, especially through migrants from Africa.”. Moreover, the word the author uses for the so-called ethnic replacement, “Umvolkung”, is an old Nazi term. Demographic conspiracies are increasingly dominant among the far right. Spreading such conspiracy narratives and linking them to an alleged danger is not just a provocative racist discourse without any consequences. In fact,  the terrorists responsible for the three most deadly far-right terror attacks in the past ten years (Anders Breivik in Oslo, Patrick Crusius in El Paso, and Brenton Tarrant in Christchurch) have all made explicit reference to demographic conspiracies.

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