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The Troll of the Month is an episode we choose every month to expose racist and anti-religious haters and to show the positive outcomes in the fight against intolerance in Europe.

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Thursday, 17 May 2018 09:29

Origo's Panic Attack

The prominence given to immigration in domestic Hungarian politics since 2015 has surprised migration experts. It took a particularly distinct form in the period leading up to the general election in April 2018, when migration was placed centre-stage, albeit presented in a distorted, negative way, in the government-controlled media such as the Hungarian news website Origo ( We never thought that we would witness such a clear example of moral panic.

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GTTO partners in Belgium, the European Union of Jewish Students, drew attention to an incident at the Beerschot-Antwerp football match on 15 April 2018 when Beerschot Wilrijk supporters sang antisemitic chants and displayed antisemitic banners. Prompted by the Pro League, Beerschot club released a statement assuring everyone that they “sincerely acknowledge Jewish suffering during the Second World War", and as a sign of respect, the delegation from the club will visit the Kazerne Dossin, the Memorial Museum and Documentation Centre on Holocaust and Human Rights in Mechelen, Belgium. The club also said they would ban supporters with antisemitic banners or who sing antisemetic songs in the stadium, including the word “Jew”. Despite their initial promise to ban anti-Semitism from the club, their social media pages still showed photos of the stadium and their fans with antisemitic posters in subsequent weeks. One such poster called for a ban on the Star of David.  The EUJS subsequently wrote to Antwerp FC pointing out the antisemitic content on their social media pages. Although it was not formally acknowledged all examples were removed from their social media pages. They also reported comments on their Twitter account related to the incident.

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Wednesday, 16 May 2018 12:09

Game of Trolls

“Sure, I shouldn’t be a bystander” you think to yourself when we ask you to respond to hate speech.

“But how do I do that?”


With the help of Facebook’s Create v Hate initiative and the agency Poke London, we’ve produced a campaign teaching people how to win in the Game of Trolls. 


Don't be abusive

It is easy to get carried away in our attempts to stop someone from spreading hate.

Don't stoop down to their level. You can be witty, interesting, and protective without being abusive.

Be a model for smart, respectful dialogue!



Engage in the conversations that are happening now and make sure you're not resurrecting an old thread full of hate.

Sometimes re-opening old conversations will bring more trouble than good!



Message, tag and share with public figures sympathetic to our cause!

Get friends or colleagues involved in a conversation that requires more voices.

Use the hashtag #TrollWithLove to get others to help you out!


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NGO Handbook"Twitter allows an individual or NGO to broadcast, engage with, and listen to people. It’s the world’s online public space, a one-to-many communication platform where conversations happen that shape opinions. This handbook will help you make the best use of this unique tool. It’s a tool that’s particularly suited to the needs of NGOs, organizations that thrive on the participation of volunteers and activists to achieve their aims."

This NGO Handbook was created by the Public Policy team of Twitter.

If you want to read the NGO Handbook you can click here, or you can scroll down to the bottom of this page and download the handbook as a pdf file.

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Friday, 04 May 2018 16:09

March - Media Monitoring Highlights

From Sputnik France voicing ultranationalist Islamophobia to Leave.EU combating antisemitism by smearing British Muslims, these March highlights are an overview of the most significant results of our monitoring of traditional and new media in Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, and the United Kingdom.

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toxic narratives

This report about monitoring of alternative-right actors was published by Amadeu Antonio Stiftung.

The Amadeu Antonio Stiftung wants to “draw attention to certain trends and dangers facing democratic culture within the digital sphere and ask how we can protect this culture together. We want to focus here on the arguments, content, images and above all the associated narratives that right-wing populist and far-right extremist actors circulate within social networks.”

For the analysis the Amadeu Antonio Stiftung “selected 10 right-wing populist, far-right and conspiracy-ideology actors that are representative of larger phenomena, quantitatively classifying and qualitatively assessing their most far-reaching posts within the largest social network.”

If you want to read the report, you can either download it at the bottom of this page at the "download attachments" section or you can click here.

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