The known anti-Muslim activist Anne Marie Waters claims that “the priority of the establishment is always to protect the [Islamic] religion”, but facts show the opposite: government officials repeatedly stigmatise and attack Muslims. This is UK’s media monitoring highlight for January.

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A populist far-right news website has illustrated an article with photos that misinform and are inflammatory. In the entire piece, there is no mention of the asylum seekers’ religion and yet the photos show a British street filled with many men who are exclusively Muslim, as well as a woman wearing a niqab. This is UK's media monitoring highlight for November.

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Wednesday, 05 December 2018 10:23

Politicalite – Ousted Troll of the Month

A populist far-right news website has corrected inaccurate and misleading statistics after the Media Diversity Institute sent a complaint to the publication. Even with this correction, however, the article remains deeply hateful against Muslims. 

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