How to understand and spot hate speech and what are the best ways to counter it? This was the focus of a training course for high school students held by Get The Trolls Out! partner “Symbiosis-School of Political Studies in Greece” in Thessaloniki, Greece.
Anti-migrant and anti-Muslim discourse is dominating propaganda media in Hungary. As Get the Trolls Out (GTTO) media monitoring results have shown, government-led and government-financed media regularly spread Islamophobic messages, peaking around elections time. Voices from different religious communities are rarely heard in the mainstream media, and when they are represented, they are framed through the lens of the right-wing government.
One of our team memebers, Nika Jelendorf, spoke on "The Parents’ Show", an award winning radio programme running on Radio Verulam, community radio for St Albans in England. Nika introduced some of our project resources, spoke about trolling, using social media, and some positive approaches to keep up with young people and not get left behind.  You can listen to the full episode of the show on Google Podcasts. 
The second episode of Symbiosis Radio for Get the Trolls Out! was broadcast on FM100.6 in June 2016. July 11, 1942 is a darkest day in the history of the city. The Germans ordering all Jewish men between 18 and 45 years in the hot sun to come to Liberty Square to record them in order to displace them later in concentration camps. From 46,000 Jews that were deported in 19 transports, 37,000 were children and old people, unable to work. From the concentration camps only about 1,900 of them returned. The extermination of the Jews is "A History of Thessaloniki". The history is told by Rena Molho, Athanasia Melekou, Evangelos Hekimoglou, Lazaros Sefiha and Iakov Antzel.
What is the story of Jews of Thessaloniki and what places today tell us of what happened during the Holocaust? The history of the city – intended to become “Greek” and “Christian” after its annexation to Greece – has heavily contributed to the extent of extermination of Thessaloniki Jews during WW2 and the consequences are still visible in today’s society. Symbiosis radio interviewed Giannis Glarnetatzis, historian and guide of the Holocaust remembrance walk by the Thessaloniki Antiracist Initiative.
The second episode of SYMβIOSIS Radio FM100.6 for Get the Trolls Out! 
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