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In an article about the roundtables attended by French president Macron in Molenbeek, one person is singled out as “a young veiled woman” while most of the other people are described by profession. This is Belgium's media monitoring highlight for November.

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After a coalition of 100 Muslim women denounced discrimination in employment against veiled women, a Belgian citizen accuses them wear the headscarf just for its appearance and not to be true campaigners for equality. This is our Belgium's media monitoring highlight for August 2018.

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The Belgian newspaper Le Vif reported about a suicide in Verviers where the person blew himself up. The newspaper decided to clarify that it was not a terrorist attack. This point is repeated in the headline, in the intro, and in the article. Despite this incident having nothing to do with terrorism, almost half of the article is devoted to recount how in 2015, a week after the Charlie Hebdo attack, a terrorist cell was dismantled in Verviers.

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