Thursday, 31 October 2019 18:12

Daily Mail – Troll of the Month

A Mail Online article published on 26 October claimed that hate crimes in Britain are a “great hoax”, and it did so by providing no evidence, belittling the impact hate has on victims as well as the work of charities who support them. The author uses anecdotal information to argue that hate crimes are not a significant problem, and should not be classified as such, relying on the unsubstantiated claim that Britain is the most tolerant country in the world.

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The Daily Mail failed to recognise the Islamophobia and the inaccuracies in one of its articles, after the Media Diversity Institute (MDI)  filed a complaint. 

The article, published on Mail Online on 3 May 2019, claimed that “Mohammed was the most popular first name for boys born in Berlin in 2018”, but a closer look at the results of the Society for the German Language (GfdS) study revealed that this is not accurate.

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A Daily Mail non-Muslim columnist recounts her experience of wearing a burka for a week and uses it to dehumanise full-face veiled women.This is our UK's media monitoring highlight for August 2018

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